This book is meant to help Extinction Rebellion groups to create local chapters and working groups.

Who is this for?

This documentation is meant for any rebel that wants to start a new local chapter of XR in their region / city, a new affinity group or a dedicated working group.

You don't have to have any prior experience with self organizing systems (SOS). We will walk you through the different concepts along the way when needed.

Who is maintaining it?

  • Leen Schelfhout (XR Antwerp) (email)

  • Xavier Damman (XR UK Fundraising, XR Belgium) (email)

Please join us. Our goal is to hand it over as soon as possible to the community.


If you believe that XR needs more documentation, please consider supporting our working group so that we can dedicate more resources to it. Make a donation or become a backer.

If you have created a local chapter or a working group, please share your experience and contribute to this book. It's interesting to hear about many different stories and the different ways rebels have organized themselves. You can edit any of those pages on Github. If you need assistance, send an email to info@xr-docs.opencollective.com.

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