Sending emails

Delivering newsletters to groups of rebels like a pro.

If you are a group coordinator, we strongly advise you not to use Protonmail to email "newsletters-like" emails.

On a Protonmail Free plan, the sending limit is fixed to 50 messages/hour and 150 messages/day. If you go over these limits, you will have to wait before being able to send emails again.

All local groups and XR Belgium working groups have credentials to Mailtrain. This is a self-hosted newsletter application, similar to Mailchimp in the way that it allows to email lists of subscribers.


The Rebels list is synchronized with the Rebels Manager.

  • A subscription is created when a rebel signs up to your local group, either from the website or manually added by a coordinator

  • A subscription is updated when the rebel email address is updated on the Rebels Manager

  • A subscription is deleted when a rebel is deleted on the Rebels Manager

Please don't edit the list config for now. But feel free to add missing email addresses that you have on your side and that were not being added because they aren't in the Rebels Manager yet.

You may create other lists (eg. one for a specific working group). In the future, we will have synchronized lists for all working groups.

Specifying test emails

This is useful to send test emails to yourself. Find your own subscription (or add one) in the Subscribers list, edit it and check the Test user? box.

Then click the Save and leave button.


This is where you go to send an email to your list.

Set up the campaign

On the screenshot above, you see a few important things:

  • Select the right list

  • Send configuration: always select Campaigns

  • "From" name: we recommend you to set it to "XR City" or even better for deliverability, to your name/coordinator name like "Benoit Poelvoorde, XR Namur"

  • "Reply-to" email address: set it to your group email address so that you can receive replies

  • "Subject" line: don't forget it!

  • Tracking: disable tracking for better deliverability

  • Template: use the "Rebels News" template

    • Content source: Custom content from another campaign

    • Campaign: TEMPLATE - The Rebel News

Edit content

This is where the fun begins! πŸ•ΊπŸ½

We will explain this editor in details in the future, but for now, here are our main recommendations for you.

  • The more you will use it, the easier it will be

  • Play with the blocks (drag and drop them) or use the existing ones, that you can move/delete/duplicate

  • When your template is ready, click the tiny "click here" button below the plain text content box. This will import the email content as text and will improve deliverability.

Test it!

We recommend that you send a test email to yourself before sending your first emails to your lists. Click the Test send green button and select your email as shown below.

If your email is not available, you are not a Test user yet. Save your campaign (you will come back to it later), go back to your lists and add yourself as a test user (see above).

All good?

Then click the Save and go to status button. Your email has not been sent yet.

Send now or schedule delivery

From the Status page, you can yet get a preview of your email (the URL can be shared with anyone else), send a new test email and finally Send it or Schedule it for later.

All done! Congrats! πŸŽ‰

Mailtrain 2 is brand new and your feedback is valuable. Please get in touch with the Support team on our #mailtrain Mattermost channel, and let us know about your experience on Mailtrain.

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