Create a local chapter

How to create a local XR group? (contributions needed)

What is a local chapter?

A local chapter is a local group of XR, e.g. on a neighbourhood, city or regional level.

The goal of a local chapter is to create local presence all around the world for rebels to meet and organise actions of civil disobedience for the climate. Local chapters are much more accessible for neighbours and friends than a chapter on a national level. Since neighbourhoods or cities can have climate related problems specific for certain areas, XR-actions addressed to these local issues can create a shared, very close to home goal. They contribute highly to a sense of community. Local actions, organized by local rebels and citizens, can therefore be very effective.

Every group operates autonomously and connects with other local, national or international groups at will and when needed. There is no hierarchy.

Who can create a local chapter?

All are welcome who want to adhere to our principles and values.

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