Online fundraising

This chapter explores the different ways you can collect money online for your XR chapter.


To be able to collect money online, you first need a legal person. This could be an individual, an unincorporated partnership (aka unincorporated club or association of people) or a legal entity (typically a non profit or a limited liability company, aka LLC).

Alternatively, you can also ask an existing legal entity to act as your Fiscal Sponsor. That basically means that you use an existing entity to collect money on your behalf. You can later ask them to disburse the money for various expenses that you have.

Crowdfunding platforms

We are only listing here international platforms. If you have platforms to recommend that only work in certain languages or regions, please create a section for the country or region.


  • £0.20 + 1.20% (UK), €0.25 + 1.20% (EU), $0.30 + 2.9% (US) (pricing page)

  • Donors are asked for an optional (but opt out) tip of 15%

  • Used by XR UK, XR Hackney


  • £0.25 per donation + 2.9% (UK), €0.25 + 2.9% (EU), $0.30 + 2.9% (US) (note: in some countries, there is an extra 5% platform fee, see their pricing page)

  • Donors are asked for an optional (but opt out) tip of 10%

  • Used by XR Bristol

Open Collective


  • comparison of different online platforms with their respective pros and cons (spreadsheet)

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